Capital Project Information

Capital Project Forms

The capital project initiation process is required to obtain project and funding approval for capital improvements of parish buildings and grounds. It is a single-source tracking process that manages the documents and correspondence involved with capital project review. The required forms noted below must be completed, signed and received before project approval.


Capital Project Initiation (CPI) Form

Completed By: Parish, DVO Assisted, PAC Assisted Signed By: Pastor (Also Vicar if Parish Head Is Administrator)

The CPI form requests general parish information, in addition to specific project information (what do we want), project estimate (how much will it cost) and likely funding source (how will we pay for it). With this information in-hand and the CPI completed and signed, the project approval process can begin.

Capital Project Evaluation (CPE) Form

Form Completed By: PAC CM
Form Signed By: CM, Director of PAC

The objective of this review is to determine if the budget and scope of work on the CPI form is accurate and complete. Is the scope of work appropriate for the project? Is the contractor pricing complete and fair? Is (are) the contractor(s) qualified to perform the work?

The importance of having a clear and complete scope of work becomes self-evident, and a large discrepancy in pricing may indicate lack of clarity around project work. If cost proposals are solicited without identifying the scope of work document, comparing proposals becomes difficult and can delay the bid review process.

Additionally, if the contractors solicited for the project are not pre-qualified by the archdiocese, delays may incur. At the start of your project, we recommend ascertaining a list of pre-qualified contractors from PAC that have successfully worked with the archdiocese in the past. If using a contractor new to the archdiocese, have the proposed contractors submit pre-qualification forms at the same time as bid submittal or sooner.

Capital Project Funding Assessment (CPFA) Form

Form Completed By: DVO and/or Pastor
Form Signed By: Pastor, DVO, Vicar if Project is Greater than $100K or Administrator Signee

The objective is to identify the funding source and confirm availability of the funding noted on the CPI form. This form is completed by the DVO and/or pastor and signed by both the DVO and pastor. Please note, if a project is greater than $100,000, or if an administrator is the signee, the vicar’s signature will also be required. If a project is greater than $300,000, it will require additional review and approval by the Capital Project Committee (CPC). Projects requesting any type of loan will also need CPC approval. If a grant is requested, the project will require additional review and approval by the Episcopal Vicar Council (EVC).

Capital Project Funding Fit Assessment (CPFFA) Form

Form Completed By: DVO and Director of Parish Operations
Form Signed By: Director of Parish Operations

This overall parish assessment is completed by the DVO and Director of Parish Operations and is presented to the CPC and/or Episcopal Vicar Council to assist in their project review and approval.

Capital Project Exceptional Approval (CPEA) Form

Form Completed By: CPI Administrator
Form Signed By: As Needed by Director of ODW/RE/OCS

This form is required only if the scope of work requested requires the review/approval of the Office of Divine Worship (ODW) for all projects performed in sacred spaces, the Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) or the Real Estate Department (RE).

Capital Project Close Out (CPCO) Form

Form Completed By: PAC CM
Form Signed By: PAC CM and Pastor

This form is to confirm that all the contracted work was completed properly in accordance with the contract and project requirements. Additionally, it assures that all required project warranties, training and final waivers have been received. Please note, final contractor payments and the hold placed on remaining project funds cannot be released without receipt of this form signed by the pastor.

This is the pastor’s opportunity to make sure all punch list items and loose ends are completed and to note his satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the performance of the contractor and the PAC CM as well as make recommendations for improving the capital project initiation process.

Capital Project Initiation Reminders

For a full overview of the capital project initiation process, click here. Projects are not tracked by the Capital Project Administrator until the CPI, signed by the pastor, is received. All signed forms and any communication should be addressed to the Construction Project Coordinator, Amanda Warner, via:

Email to: [email protected] 
Phone: 312.534.5246