Capital Project Information

TTWCI Withdrawal Directions

Below are some common questions/answers for disbursement from To Teach Who Christ Is (TTWCI).

What can the funds be used for?
Funds collected through the TTWCI campaign can only be used for projects documented on the parish’s TTWCI case statement.

Does a parish need to go through Planning and Construction (PAC) when paying with TTWCI funds?
Please keep the following circumstances in mind:

  • Projects under $40,000 do not need to go through the capital project initiation process, even if using TTWCI funds.

    • Use of Archdiocese <$40,000 contract is strongly suggested (PDF)

    • Contractor should always provide current insurance certificate (PDF)

  • Project over $40,000, as projects funded any other way, must go through the capital project initiation process.

How does a parish withdraw funds from TTWCI to direct-pay contractors for under $40,000 projects?
The Archdiocesan Bank cannot draw up a check to any payee other than a parish. Therefore, the parish must request to withdraw funds from their TTWCI account. The Archdiocesan Bank will cut the check to the parish and the parish can then pay the contractor directly. Click here to access the TTWCI Account Withdrawal Request form. Parishes should fill out the form, attach any requested documentation and submit to the Archdiocesan Bank.